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454g (1lb) jars of Summer 2023 Wildflower Runny Honey - 8 each
Hand delivery to Crawley addresses - 2
Collection from No.11 RH10 6BW - 9am-6pm Mon-Fri
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07971 076 390

Our apiary is in West Sussex next to where the old Crawley village malt house was situated back in the 19th century. The brewery that made beer from the malt was also close by and the farmhouse of the now gone Malthouse Farm is still there, albeit now surrounded by the leafy streets of Crawley.
Our bees live on part of a green corridor that runs through our town and they have access to huge swathes of mixed woodland, large parks and thousands of bee-friendly gardens and they use the foraged nectar to make their delicious, wildflower honey.

We prefer our honey as natural as possible, so it is neither pasteurised nor finely filtered and contains local pollen grains, natural yeasts and nutrients. Many Crawley folk are giving us anecdotal evidence of a lessening of hay fever symptoms when using it. What we can say for sure, is that our honey is thoroughly delicious, flowery and intensely sweet and sticky. Everything REAL honey should be.

 Blue queen HONEY! 2023 Red queen

Honey is not to be given to infants under 12 months.

  We currently do not post honey as it can cause a very sticky mess! Support your local beekeepers.

Malthouse Apiary is a registered primary food producer.