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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 5th July 2008
Ifield - Lamb's Green - Rusper - Ifield
7.5 miles

With no money left for trains we decided to do the Rusper walk that I did the other day, this time together. We didn't get to see the Little Owl properly this time, although I did get a short glimpse of one as it disappeared over a hedge.
The rest of the country had been suffering from gales and heavy rain today, but in this part of Sussex we only got some very welcome winds that stopped us from baking in the hot sun. Everything is so lush and green right now, it's a real pleasure to be out in the country. There are a multitude, nay, a plethora, of different grasses in the meadows; interspersed with purple vetch, buttercups and thistles. Many of the fields were growing oats but there were also some growing wheat.
We stopped in at The Star at Rusper for a half-time, Stowford Press cider, after which, Gill decided to play on a swing for a while and then get sleepy. No more dinnertime drinks for you young lady!

Gill walking through Ifield golf Club

Stumbleholm Farm

The Lamb Inn at Lamb's Green

While we were stopped for a sandwich, this fellow came running towards us.
We were downwind of him and he didn't notice us until the last moment

Common Blue Damselfly (Enallagma cyathigerum)

Rusper church was open today and its stained glass window contained  views of Rusper
and pictures of all the birds and animals found in the parish.

Large Skipper (Ochlodes venatus)

Recently shorn alpacas