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Tuesday 1st July 2008
Crawley - Lambs Green - Rusper - Ifield.
7.5 miles

Left to my own devices and with nothing to do, I set off from Ifield in Crawley to Rusper and back via a circular route. This is a beautiful walk that starts at a golf course, passes through farms, woods, villages, meadows, the lot! And just on the doorstep of Crawley too.
It was a scorching hot day and when I wasn't sheltering in the shade I was surrounded by butterflies. I was also dive-bombed by golden ringed dragonflies and broad-bodied chasers on several occasions. Several fields had horses in them and in one I was surrounded by mares with young foals.
The highlight of the day was a little owl just outside Lamb's Green that stood in a tree glaring at me and squeaking while I took photos.

Little Owl near Lamb's Green

You can hear the Little Owl squeaking at me in this short video

I visited a friends grave at Rusper who's birthday was a couple of days ago