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Wednesday 30th July 2008
Our 1st Anniversary.

I finished work at 2pm and then we chugged down to the ancient town of Lewes in East Sussex to celebrate our 1st Anniversary. On our wedding day we had gone up to the top of the highest tower in Lewes castle to drink champagne and take in the views. Our ticket from that day was valid for one year, and although technically we were about 30 minutes late, they let us in again without paying.
When we got to the top, a sparrowhawk flew about 20 feet directly over our heads and 10 feet above the flag that was flying from the top of the tower. The bird started calling as it saw us and I like to think that it was an emissary from the birds who were wishing us a happy anniversary.
After the castle we visited Southover Grange and the gardens, which were again a riot of colour, before exploring some of Lewes' twittens.
After sampling some cider and grub in the Brewers Arms we finished the evening with a small stroll at Rodmell, a small village several miles south of Lewes on the river Ouse and famous as the place where the writer Virginia Woolf used to live.

Southover Grange register office looking like a picture on a chocolate box

Gill in a twitten