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Monday 30th July 2007
Lewes, East Sussex

Our wedding took place at the beautiful Southover Grange, Lewes at 3pm on Monday 30th July 2007. After having rained constantly for weeks, the weather kindly cleared for us and the day was beautiful and warm. The Elizabethan gardens at the grange were at their best and extremely colourful, a large Magnolia Grandiflora was flowering and exuding citrus smells and there were even white doves flying about the place too. The perfect romantic spot for two people to get hitched!
We decided on a very quiet, low budget wedding - as we only had a very small budget! There were only two witnesses, and the day went exactly as we planned it. After the ceremony we walked up the steep cobbled street to
Lewes castle, climbed to the top of the tallest turret and drank champagne while we surveyed the town and our beautiful South Downs.
After our witnesses had left, we returned to the now empty grange gardens and had a private picnic washed down with Sussex mead. We have decided to keep up the old English honeymoon tradition of drinking mead (honey wine) every day for a month (a moon) after the ceremony. We even married on the full moon to make it easy to remember.
We stayed the night in the
Crown Inn in Lewes and had an antique 4 poster bed.
The next day we put Gill's posy on the front of the Harley and rode to Liverpool to catch the ferry to the Isle of Man. We had hoped to walk right around the island on the 98 mile coastal footpath (
Raad ny foillan) but unfortunately the foot and mouth scare caused every footpath on the island
to be shut three days after we arrived. They opened again on the day we left! Never mind, we had a great time anyway.

We would like to thank all of our friends and family who have sent us their good wishes for the future. You were all there with us in spirit on the day. Our intention was not to upset or exclude anyone, but keeping the whole thing quiet and as small as possible allowed us complete control of our day. Besides, we figured you've all been to enough weddings already.

All our love to all.

Andy & Gill


I oversee the new Mrs Hibberd in the correct spelling of the family name!
You would not believe how many different forms of the name I have seen over the years. One woman even put a Z in it!

My ring was my late fathers 18 ct wedding ring, Gill's was a brand new 18 ct white gold ring.

Southover Grange houses the Lewes register office and the gardens are open to the public for free.


Packed ready for the honeymoon in the Isle of Man.