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Green Man
Saturday 25th September 2009
Pulborough Harvest Fair

No time for a proper full-scale march about today, as we wanted to go to the Pulborough Harvest Fair again. We particularly wanted to go up the church tower again and take in the views across the brooks to the South Downs. We parked the bike at RSPB Pulborough Brooks and walked around the reserve, which was almost devoid of people but was bristling with birds, including Yellow Wagtails. There were also several Clouded Yellow butterflies around, and we saw a Jay snapping one up.
We then ambled very slowly along the River Arun in the intense heat up to the village through the scarecrow competition at East Glebe field and into the fair. Music was being provided by the Southdown Ramblers, who were very good but were playing bluegrass. Nothing wrong with that of course, but we thought that something a bit more British would have been more fitting to what was a very traditional English country fair. Never mind, at least it wasn't jazz! There were lots of livestock, tractors and other animals on show, sheep shearing, local producers and charities to chat to around the main arena, and dog obedience and motorcycle displays teams in the arena itself.
At the church they were hoisting teddy bears up onto the roof of the tower in a basket and then throwing them off suspended from helium balloons. We were not expecting such shocking cruelty in this day and age and were forced to drink some hot sweet tea and eat cake in the graveyard while we watched on for half hour or so!
Finally we wended our lazy way back down the river as the sun was setting, plotting up on the riverbank for Gill to do some sketching while we waited to see if a Barn Owl would appear. We didn't have to wait too long before a particularly big and healthy specimen came towards us along the far bank.

From the river we could see our destination beckoning to us.

A spiders lair laced into the long grass

The scrarecrow competition, which always reminds me of the crucifixion of the Spartans on the Appian Way.

This one was called Henry the doctor. We have no idea why!

To the church and up the spiral staircase to the roof of the tower

The view across the village, the fair, the brooks and beyond to Chanctonbury Ring. Perfect visibility too.

The view from the church tower with the South Downs stretching left to right from Chanctonbury Ring to Amberley.

Look, it's my website and if I want to put a picture of my wife on it, just for the sake of it, then I will!

Barn Owl on the River Arun

Fallow deer and the sunset as we reach the visitors centre once again