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Saturday 27th September 2008
Pulborough Harvest Fair

No walk for us today, just a stroll around the stalls at this extremely pleasant village fair. As well as many local producers being there to sell and talk about their wares, there were Morris dancers, tractors, trucks, a scarecrow competition, ducks, chickens (for sale), cows, bulls and donkeys. We watched sheep dogs being put through obedience tests and best of all we watched some sheep being sheared.
The church tower was open and as we have always wanted to get the view from up there we made a beeline for it. An added bonus was that we were able to tick off another small ambition and do some bell ringing too.

An avenue of scarecrows

The incredible levitating Morris ladies

The fair as seen from the church tower

Teddy parachuting from the church tower

Sheep shearing