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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 24th June 2006
Brighton Harbour & Rottingdean

Gill needed a proper pair of running shoes (see her
update) so we went down to Brighton to get them. After the shopping we went to the marina to see about buying a yacht (yeah, right). Not a sign of any wildlife apart from a couple of swans, some black headed gulls and a starling. There were hundreds, possibly thousands of people though.
After Brighton we continued to Rottingdean where we had some lunch in the Kipling gardens. The gardens are amazing and you could walk right past them without realising they are there. They are named after Rudyard Kipling, writer of 'Kim', 'The Jungle Book' and 'If' (thank you Donna) amongst other works, who lived in the village for 6 years of his life.

Brighton Marina. We walked to the end of the western arm, which you can see on the left of the picture.

Looking from the western wall to the cliffs, with Rottingdean in the distance.

Kipling Gardens in Rottingdean.

Rottingdean church. Parts of it date back to saxon times.

A nice feature of the main entrance to the church.