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Running update.

Check out the Race for Life page for the pictures of my run.

Latest Update: Friday 7/7/06
Went out running again Wednesday and tonight - managed to run it in 31 mins 30 seconds tonight, maybe it was because it was a bit cooler, still was covered in sweat though (bet you really wanted to know that).  That's my last training before Sunday. I have decided to just ignore the aches and twinges I've been getting, (shins, ankles, feet!) I suppose that they are only to be expected when you start doing something like this at 42.  I'm looking forward to the race, it will be nice running with all the other women, all running with someone in mind, either someone who has survived cancer, or like me, in memory of someone who is no longer with us.  I've had loads of sponsorship (over 300 now) and I want to thank everyone who has contributed for being so generous.  Watch this space for some photos of the day. 

Monday 3/7/06
This is the last week before the run on Sunday and I've been out running three times since the last update (Wednesday, Friday and tonight).  Maybe I should have gone on Sunday, to get a bit more training in, but Saturday's cider made that a bit difficult!  The shoes haven't made me any faster, it's still taking me just over 32 minutes to run 5 kilometres, but my leg is feeling a bit better now and I'm sure that is down to the shoes, there's not such a hard impact with every step, they're lovely and spongy.  It was so hot today, but I left it a little bit later to go out this evening and the shadows were longer so I wasn't running in the blazing sun all the way.  I wasn't in the best of moods before going out and it was a bit of an effort to make myself do it but I felt brilliant when I got back, even if I was the colour of a tomato.

Monday 26/6/06
I tried out the new shoes tonight... padded along very nicely and softly.  They felt lovely and comfy and expensive.  I'm going to wear them to bed tonight.  Have a look at them.  "They are not a fashion accessory, they are a tool." (A Hibberd)

Saturday 24/6/06
OK, bit of a bummer, I seem to be starting to get shin splints (or should that be a shin splint? dunno) in my left leg.  I've been noticing a bit of pain for a couple of weeks and probably shouldn't have ignored it, so I thought the first thing I should do was get myself some decent running shoes.  I've just been running in normal crappy trainers which, with hindsight, was a bad idea, especially running on pavements as I do.

So, we went down to Brighton to a shop called The Jog Shop, in George Street, which, by the way, I can highly recommend for their very friendly service from people who seem to know all about feet.  They have a running track inside the shop (honestly) and they even let me run up the street in a few of their pairs of shoes to test them out.   Walked out with some comfy new shoes, special socks and a new wrist stopwatch!  Whoops.  It's ok, my credit card isn't smarting too much, Andy bought me the watch.  Thanks babe.

Have to see how the leg goes, hopefully the shoes will help and I may have to try running on a softer surface, maybe grass?

Q. How is the training going?
A. It's going well.  I started off just running from our flat to the Hawth and back, which took about 12 minutes, and over the weeks have gradually gone further and further, and taken different routes so as not to get too bored with it, and now I can run for half an hour, so I'm feeling very pleased with myself thanks for asking.
Q. Has it been hard?
A. Yes I have found it quite hard at times but  have surprised myself that I have been quite disciplined with it because I'm not normally very good at sticking at things, but then I don't want to let down the people who have sponsored me by not putting in the effort.
Q. How far can you run and how long does it take you?
A. I can run for 5km which is a bit of luck isn't it.  It takes me 32 minutes, although this evening I managed to shave off 15 seconds (apparently - Andy holds the stopwatch).  I will be very pleased if I can do the run in less than 30 minutes on the day.  See below for the route I have been taking over the last couple of weeks and proof that it is actually 5km - yes, that piece of cotton is 5km long!
Q. How often do you run?
A. I run 3 or 4 times a week (every other evening).  I have tried running in the morning occasionally at the weekends, but I find this really difficult, and a bit disheartening when I have to keep stopping to walk.  I was reading yesterday that many people find running in the morning more difficult than in the evenings - it's all to do with circadian rhythms.  You've got the internet, look it up.
Q. What is your motivation?
A. I really want to be able to run the whole 5km in the Race for Life, and to be able to do it easily.  Also, even though it isn't always enjoyable at the time, I always feel brilliant after a run.  Also, I am hoping that the cellulite will go, although it hasn't yet.
Q. Is it getting easier?
A. In a way.  I am running further and for longer than when I started but I wouldn't say it is quite easy yet. 
Q. Have you any advice for would be joggers?
A. Don't try to do too much too soon.  Start off with a short run a few times a week and gradually add a few minutes of running time each week.  You will be surprised how quickly you start to get fitter and can run further.  You do need to push yourself a bit, but be sensible about it.  Wear nice cool clothes - you will get hot even if it's not a hot day.  Girlies and men with boobs should wear a good sports bra!