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My name is Simon King, and I am  a confirmed lover of the land. I decided in April 2000 that I would undertake the journey of a lifetime and at the same time make some money for two charities that are very close to my heart. 

With the journey now complete and Poppy taking a well earned break before travelling home, I would like to thank Ms Sharon Packer for her kindness in loaning me poppy, and all those who supported us throughout our journey. Pops is resting as it would not have been right to put her straight in a lorry and take her back down to Sussex. After all, she has pulled the cart over 1700 miles and deserves some time to herself. At this moment she is being looked after by her host's at the transportation company's own paddock. The cart and harness will remain in Scotland and be auctioned for the charities on this site. The site will have details of this ASAP. Once again I would like to thank all who supported us through out our travels. And a big thank you to Mr Mcdonald-Wagstaff for his assistance and time in arranging the transportation of poppy and the auction of the cart. Finally I would like to thank Andy Hibberd who ran my site for me and Mike Colton of the Allied Special Forces Association.
I am very grateful to all of the people and
companies that have supported and sponsored me for this event. Please visit my 'Thank You' page and visit their websites.