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Dicky & Julia's Wedding
21st April 2007
Penshurst Place

Today we had a great day at the wedding of our friends Dicky and Julia. They have been together since they were very young teenagers, and decided to finally tie the knot, presumably so that their daughter wouldn't beat them to it. The ceremony took place at the end of a fantastic, twisty country road at Penshurst Place near Tonbridge in Kent. This huge house/castle is very spectacular and has beautiful, elaborate gardens.

The front view of Penshurst Place. The house and gardens date back to the end of the 15th Century and the Barons Hall where the ceremony took place was a real step back to the medieval times. There was a large brazier in the centre of the hall and suits of armour and stags antlers all around us.

There are all manner of garden types in the grounds.

The Italian garden, which dates from the time of Elizabeth I.

This side of the house is much more picturesque.

It was hot enough for parasols today!

The orchard, covered in a commercial crop of mistletoe.

Is she going to turn up?

"Honest, I'm not nervous"!

Mr & Mrs Diamond, at long last!

We all gathered in the courtyard, surrounded by battlements, for some photos.

They were driven home afterwards by the Ant Hill Mob.