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Cornwall 2005  

This year we hiked around part of the Cornish coast following the South West Coastal path. We started at Portreath and ended at Porthcurno, a walk of about 50 miles. The weather was gorgeous and we got really tired, but we had very broad smiles on our healthy, brown faces when we finished. The views were spectacular and we saw loads of wildlife too. All of the beaches were deserted due to being out of season, but that was just how we wanted it. Enjoy our snaps.

Notice the ship wreck bottom right. 

        Spectacular view just north of Lands End.                                  

A very confiding bank vole.       

Our new tent at sunrise

On top of Zennor Head 

    On the road to Lands End                      

A female great green bush cricket (Tettigonia viridissima). This is our largest bush cricket at 46 mm long. It is found on the continent but is not found any further north than London. You can tell it's a female from the long oviposter, which it was using to lay eggs when we found it.

Gill getting sweaty!

Yours truly near Cape Cornwall   



Graveyard of tin mines.