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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Thursday 30th December 2010
Washington - Chanctonbury Ring - Steyning Round Hill - No Man's land - Cissbury Ring - Chanctonbury Ring - Washington.
12 miles

The thick snow has now entirely gone from Sussex, leaving behind mixed feelings of regret and rejoicement. White Christmases are as rare as rocking horse dung in the South East and the unexpected event had enhanced, nay, extracted a great feeling of snowed-in festiveness over the holiday period, in our household at least.  Our Sloe Gin was a great hit (literally) with all of our friends and our Gingerbread House was enjoyed by kids of all ages.
Now however, a great dampness has been left behind. With the slight rise in temperature plus high humidity the whole county woke to a dismal, dank morning with mist and fog predicted. With low visibility expected but a punishing bout of post-feasting exercise urgently needed, we went to the place which we knew would wake our lazy, sugar-laden carcasses up and where the fog would only add to the atmosphere greatly - Chanctonbury Ring.
Sure enough, the climb up to the old fort highlighted that sitting around in front of the fire eating lard was not the way to carry on. Puffing, hacking and sweating pure duck fat we got to the top to find the whole of the ring missing! Snatched, stolen, ripped up and torn out, completely gon...oh no, there it is! Out of the pea-souper it finally loomed, even more mysterious-looking than normal.

A dark, dank morning gave way to mist and finally fog as we climbed.

Low visibility, very little noise and almost no people made it a memorable visit to the ring.

At Steyning Round Hill the fog started to clear, starting with a bright patch of light on the sea near Shoreham.

Looking across Steyning Bowl at the revealed view.

Many birds were now revealed, including these Corn Buntings.

At Cissbury conditions were perfect, but looking north Chanctonbury Ring was once again invisible.