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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Tuesday 30th December 2008
An amble around Old Lodge Nature Reserve, Ashdown Forest.

The temperature overnight was -5 oC and this morning there was freezing fog everywhere. By the time we left the house the fog was clearing but the roads were treacherous. We slipped on ice once and also had to slow to walking pace going through the 'splash' at Colman's Hatch. The frosty journey was worthwhile though as the forest was covered in a layer of rime and sparkled in the golden winter sunlight. While looking for a Hen Harrier (that didn't show up) we realised that as well as Stonechats there was also a Dartford Warbler flitting around us.


A Dartford Warbler flitted around us in the heather

A lonesome Raven cronked loudly but no one replied

We left before dusk as we didn't want to freeze to death on the way home