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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 30th October 2010
Withyham - Lye Green - Motts Hill - Groombridge - Harrison's Rocks - Balls Green - Withyham
10 miles

Within the past week the autumn colours in Sussex seem to have hit their peak and this 'figure of eight' walk close to the  border of leafy Surrey took full advantage of that.  We were even welcomed into Withyham by a rainbow.
At Withyham church they were busy ringing the changes with 7 bells and the sound of them was the background to the first 2 hours of our walk. We took the High Weald Landscape Trail from the Dorset Arms and strolled through Buckhurst Park which was a complete riot of autumn colour but due to the morning's rain storm was also completely devoid of people. In fact for the entire 10 miles we were totally by ourselves, except for Harrison Rocks that is, where there were climbers a'plenty. The rocks there are managed by the British Mountaineering Council and the area has some beautiful footpaths where you can take advantage of the views of the sandstone rocks among the woods. The rocks and the higher footpath that lead to them are both very susceptible to erosion however, so please treat them with care.

Withyham church, where there was a right racket going off.

This natural stone seat in a spot that resembled a fairy grotto must have been used by every person that's ever walked by.
Today it was all ours.