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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 30th July
Simon's birthday bash

We all got together to celebrate my brothers 40th birthday. The evening went really well and everyone enjoyed themselves. It started to rain a bit, but a gazebo was rapidly erected and of course immediately it was up the rain stopped. Nothing dampened our spirits though (or diluted them) and we kept going until about 2am.
Happy birthday Simon! WOO HOO!

Simon arrived home to find us all in the garden waiting for him.

Even our sister Laura had secretly come down from the Isle of Man.

Born 3 days before England last won the world cup.

Old muvva Hibberd

Laura and Stella

Helen and Toby


Gill and Ju in between giggles

Piggy Steve

Rosemary caught off guard

Even though she's camera shy I managed to get one of Sam eventually.

Look out Iain, she's behind you!

Any more trouble from you and I'll cut these off!

The Hibberd clan, all looking healthy and bronzed


1.30am but the boys are still going. L to R - Chris, Simon, Andy, Dicky.
Someone call Dicky a taxi.