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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
29th December 2005
We went for a snowy winters walk from Eastbourne to Cuckmere Haven to help our Christmas feast go down properly. This took us up and over Beachy Head (not over the cliff, stupid) and then along the Seven Sisters. The views were spectacular as usual but this time with the added benefit of a coating of snow.
For this minor expedition in the frozen tundra, we were accompanied by sherpa Dicky.

The pub at Beachy Head. Would you like ice with that sir?

Beachy Head lighthouse

Dicky snapped me, and apparently his lens still works!

The Seven Sisters. Strangely devoid of snow!

Dicky gets to grips with his new camera.

Dicky doing a poor impersonation of a tripod.

Good news for December 2005
On the 20th of this month, my good friend from university, Sergio Coffa got married to his American girlfriend Bonnie Garcia in Nashville Tennessee. We wish them all the luck and happiness in the world and we eagerly await some pictures to put on the site.
Congratulations to the both of you.

December 2005
Three pieces of bad news this month.

12 year old Andrew Frost, Mandy's little boy was sadly killed crossing the road by the new sports centre. Andy was a lovely child and everyone had a soft spot for him. His death has come as a terrible shock to everyone.

Richard Aitken took his own life for reasons that will never properly be discovered. His funeral was held at the crematorium on Monday 19th December. A few of us followed the hearse there on our bikes. There was not enough room in the chapel for all of his friends and family, which shows what a popular man he was.

Ellio Longo (Luigi) has died from a drugs overdose. He was always a very happy, friendly person and there is nothing to suggest that it was anything other than an accidental overdose.

They will all be sorely missed and our sympathy and thoughts go out to their families.