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Sussex Scrapbook - Nature walks throughout the year

Saturday 29th November 2008
Amberley - The Burgh - North Stoke - Amberley
6.5 miles

With Gill ill in bed, I made off by myself to Amberley by bike in horrible conditions. It was freezing cold, drizzly and foggy and by the time I'd reached the top of the downs I thought I'd made a big mistake as I couldn't see anything! There was no view at all today from Rackham Hill and I only took a very few photos.
On reaching The Burgh the visibility had improved a little but the temperature had dropped even more. I was hoping to spot a Hen Harrier up there or even some Short-eared Owls, but I had to make do with a couple of ravens, a sparrowhawk, lots of fieldfares and several kestrels. Just south of there I had a stoat run across the path about 4 metres ahead of me and disappear into the brambles.

On top of the downs the mist was very thick but it slowly cleared

The view down the "Steps of Insanity" at what we call Raptor Gorge, near The Burgh.

The wooded area beside the steps has recently been cleared and coppiced.
The very pale buzzard that has lived here for several years was very evident today