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Saturday 29th March 2008
Christ's Hospital - Itchingfield - Slinfold - Christ's Hospital
9 miles

We weren't going to go for a walk today as the bike was being looked at in the morning. That was all done and finished by 11am, so afterwards we grabbed our stuff and shot to Christ's Hospital for a quickly arranged short walk.
From the station we joined up with the Downs Link, crossed some ploughed fields and visited Itchingfield church. From there we skidded and slipped our squidgy way to Slinfold. The going was very tough today with rain and thick mud everywhere and I managed to fall flat on my back into a lake of sticky wet clay within the first mile. I had to be scraped off with our boot scraper!
The walking went mostly through woods and mostly through water as well, with one of the footpaths blocked completely by floods. Lots of the bluebells were out, but by our uninformed estimation, next week will be the start of the best displays in this part of Sussex.
The last part of our wanderings today took us along the upper Arun back towards Christ's hospital station. This part of the river is very narrow and meanders through bluebell woods. A great place for a picnic.
By the end of the day we were in a pretty grimy state and fairly soggy too. Luckily it was a pretty warm day so we enjoyed every moment!

Itchingfield church

This thing was sticky and was also stuck to a tree. We have no idea as yet of what it is. Do you?

There was no way to get through this bit without getting damp armpits

Arun mini meanders