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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 28th October 2006       
The Trundle

After doing nothing last weekend because of the heavy rain, this weekend we were just glad to get out in the fresh air. We didn't end up walking far at all, but instead went for a ride on the bike to the Trundle. This is a large iron age fort that lies on the top of a hill between Chichester and Midhurst, right next to Goodwood racetrack. From the fort the views are amazing. You can see the whole of the coastal plain around Chichester down to the Solent and on a clear day you can see the Isle-of-Wight. In the other direction you can see as far as the North Downs. There were lots of kestrels, wheatears, goldfinches and greenfinches about up there and we think we saw a honey buzzard on the way home. Lots of fungus about too including a Hairy Earth Tongue, which was a new species for us.
After our visit to the Trundle we dropped down into Chichester and had tea and cake in the cloister cafe in the cathedral.

The hill fort must have been very impressive in its day. The huge circumference is protected by this ditch between two raised banks.

I think this was an inkcap, but if it was, it must have been a very new one due to its small size.

Hairy Earth Tongue (Trichoglossum hirsutum)

The Norman cathedral is well worth a visit. In the breeding season, peregrines live on the spire.