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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Monday 28th August 2006
Amberley - Arundel and back
10 miles

We had a great walk from Amberley, down the river Arun to Arundel and back via the Monarchs Way to Amberley. The walk took us from shaded riverside walks, through forests, fields, villages and along the South Downs. It is always changing and there are great views all the way along. At one point we even got a skyline dominated by Arundel Castle.
Many plants were in flower and fruit and there seemed to be animals everywhere. We thought we heard a grass snake plop into the river at one point, we also saw a weasel running from one piece of cover to the next in a cow field and we were also lucky enough to see a water vole swim across the river.

The river seems totally unspoilt but is actually used by leisure boats and river cruises.

The riverside trail is teeming with life and is very lush with plants.

We were able to nibble elder berries and a few blackberries. Old man's beard clematis seemed to be everywhere.

There were even hops growing there. Here's Gill contemplating brewing elderberry beer.

Arundel Castle in the distance.

At Arundel we stumbled upon a real ale festival. Well we just had to stop for a few didn't we!

Then it was back along the Monarchs way, a 615 mile route that follows the escape made by Charles II after the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

The route took us through Arundel Park, owned by the Duke of Norfolk, up onto the downs where this three sided tower is situated.

Lovely views up on the downs away from the sound of combustion engines. From here we could see the sea at Littlehampton.

There were loads of dragonflies around today and I managed to talk one into sitting still for a few moments so that I could take its picture.