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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 28th May 2011
Thorney Island
6 miles

A number of unforeseen events and an unwell Gill (she's starting to improve now) has lead to a lack of wanderings in May. Today my stir-craziness was unleashed and I made a rapid, clockwise navigation of Thorney starting from Prinsted (SU765 050).
It seems that the military checkpoint has stopped asking for all sorts of personal information from you now and just plays a recorded message at you instead. Photography towards the camp buildings is not allowed (it tells you) and you must keep to the paths (OR YOU WILL BE SHOT THEN MAULED BY DOGS AND THEN SHOT AGAIN) - have a nice day. I'm joking - they're very nice and you don't see any guns, dogs, tanks or anything. In fact, you'd think you were on a nature reserve peopled entirely by sailing fanatics.
The sun did peep out now and again in short bursts, but the path was already illuminated with huge bursts of Elderflower, Honeysuckle and Dog Rose. The place is just about carpeted with birds and although I ratched up 42 species my target was one of the elusive cuckoos that were calling the whole way round. As luck would have it I came across one perched on a wire just before I reached the end of the walk and it sat and posed for me and my poor, tired, beaten and abused camera for about 10 minutes. Trust me to find the only one that couldn't even say cuck-oo properly!

Cuckoo Spit on nettle.

Greater Stitchwort

Cuckoo spit on brambles, but where's the cuckoo?


This Cuckoo seemed to have a sore throat (see below). Had it something to do with all of the spitting?

Cuckoo with a sore throat!



Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.