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Saturday 28th April 2007
East Meon - Old Winchester Hill - Butser Hill
14 miles

Today we visited Gill's mothers grave at the Natural Burial Site near East Meon, Hampshire. The deer there tend to eat any flowers put onto graves, and any plants introduced must be native to the area, so instead, we always put vegetables on the grave for the deer to eat. This time we put down asparagus!
The site is also in a spectacular section of the South Downs with Old Winchester Hill to the west. This has the remains of the earthworks of a huge fort on the top that must have been a massive undertaking for the people who built it 3000 years ago.
To the north is the picturesque village of East Meon (with a very good pub). To the east is Butser Hill, the highest point on the whole of the south Downs (270 m).  Panoramic views from up there, as well as a very deep cutting just like Devils Dyke. The hill was also covered in cowslips today.
It was very hot today and we did about 14 miles but the whole day was completely idyllic. Not too much in the way of wildlife spotted though, most small animals were probably hiding in the shade. Lots of buzzards soaring over the hills but only a single kestrel.

Grave goods for very spoilt deer!

Old Winchester Hill Fort.

Yellow Archangel (Lamiastrum galeobdolon)

Cowslips on Butser hill.