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Green Man
Monday 27th February 2006

Got to work ok, but when I came out to go home the bike was dead as a dodo. Spanner (god bless him) came out to help me and soon found the problem. Gill called him "my knight in greasy armour".
Unfortunately a repair was not possible at the side of the road, so the RAC are going to bring it home tomorrow and Dave has kindly said he will fix it for me tomorrow afternoon.
I want to thank Dave for all he does to help me with the bike. He is a good friend and a magician with all things metal.

My knight in greasy armour!

Tuesday 28th February 2006

It's just so sad to see my bike on the back of a lorry. It's like seeing a relative go into hospital! The trip home went well though and the bike didn't move an inch. It is now safe in my garage where it will be repaired and made better than before. The electrical component that failed did so because of weather exposure. It is going to be protected far better from now on. This problem will NOT occur again!

Friday 3rd March 2006

Here is the offending article that so cruelly stopped me from riding for several days. It'as been replaced with the new shiny one and all is now well with the world! As you can see it was completely rusted out by the weather. It brought all of the electrics to a stop apart from the security alarm. We had to take that completely off the bike and take it's battery out before it shut up.