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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 28th January 2017
Bepton - Westdean Woods - Staple Ash Farm - Devil's Jumps - Treyford - Didling - Bepton.
8.3 miles

It's been so bloomin' cold lately but that's because it's winter, of course. The pair of us can just about cope with it with about 6 layers of clothing on but it seems like the bike can't cope quite so well. The battery was playing up a bit because of the low temperatures and so that was making it run a bit rough. By the time we parked at Bepton church I was in a rotten mood due to my concern with the bike and this was compounded further by the fact that I'd managed to come out for the day without my flamin' glasses. If I was going to see anything today then it would have to be through the binoculars.
From Bepton we had a stiff climb up to the South Downs Way and we were taken aback to find ourselves so out of breath. Christmas and new year have been disastrous to our fitness and so we are now on a major get-fit programme before we hit the mountains again. On our way up however we found lots of evidence of digging and snuffling with disturbed bluebell bulbs about the place. We followed paw prints down a small hangar and soon found the badger sett we expected to find. We will have to come back soon and settle down for the evening to watch them.
Carrying on down into the woods and we found that a large part of the plantation has been taken out, revealing a great view of Goodwood Racecourse and also revealing some of the things brought out of the ground with the tree stumps, including a large part of the low wheel from a steam threshing machine.
There were lots of birds about, especially Redwings and Fieldfare but once again the Hawfinches that live in this area proved completely elusive. We're beginning to think they don't exist.

A small part of the sett.

At a quiet tea spot in amongst the conifers we found ourselves surrounded by puffballs.

It's not Roman but it's still a bit of history.

Goodwood in the distance

Yellow Brain Fungus

Treyford Hill - A perfect place to stop for tea and cake as the sun goes down

Didling church. A real favourite of ours.

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.