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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Friday 26th December 2008
Horse-eye Level
Hailsham - Herstmonceux church - Rickney - Hailsham
9.5 miles

We took the quagmire of a footpath East from Hailsham church out onto the Horse-eye Level, which is part of the Pevensey Levels. A marsh may not seem the sanest of places to go on such a freezing cold Boxing Day, but that at least gave us the peace, quiet and solitude that we sought.
As usual, the sign posts in East Sussex were nowhere near as helpful or as plentiful as the ones in West Sussex or the rest of the civilised world. If you have trouble using a map and compass or if you don't know this area well, then you could be letting yourself in for a whole heap of trouble. The marsh is criss-crossed with water-filled ditches, sewers and brooks as well as inundated areas and boggy marsh. Take a wrong turn in the dark or bad weather and you could be up to your waist or just hopelessly lost and cut off by water. Thankfully today we managed to navigate our way perfectly despite having to walk from Rickney after the sun set.
It was cloudless, bright and sunny from sunrise to sunset, but bitterly cold all day. The bike ride home just about finished us off but luckily we had some ginger wine left over from Christmas Day, which helpfully burned its way to our frozen marrows.

We parked close to the church in Hailsham

This leafy path became a muddy track, evolved from a sticky quagmire into swamp before finally blooming into a flooded marshland.

The area is full of beauty spots and devoid of people

Looking towards Alfriston on the South Downs from Herstmonceux church.
A view unencumbered by buildings, roads or pylons.

All Saints, Herstmonceux. Next to the Castle and close to the Science Centre.

Church, Castle (hidden) and Science Centre