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Wednesday 26th September 2007
Pulborough Brooks

I had a good long walk around Pulborough Brooks today looking for the stoats. I only got one tiny glimpse as one ran across the path in front of me. I did however manage to see a few adders and one grass snake. This was the first grass snake I had seen at the brooks and it was very shy, I only managed a few shots before it fled the scene. The comma butterfly was also a first and it was such a beautiful sight. Due to the drop in temperature I was able to get a good photo of it. When it's hot the butterflies don't seem to settle for more than a couple of seconds.
The most unsettling thing about today's visit was the amount of dead and dying rabbits on the reserve due to


Grass snake

A Comma Butterfly (Polygonia c-album)

Here's the comma with it's wings closed.

My traditional picture from the hanger. The brooks desperately need some rain.

The River Arun at Pulborough Brooks