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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 26th February 2006
Pulborough Brooks

We decided on another quick jaunt to Pulborough Brooks to once again try to see the Hawfinch that has been seen there recently. It was really cold but clear and bright with periods of sunshine that gave stunning views of the brooks.
The Hawfinch was seen, but unfortunately not by us! We did see some Redwings though. They always appear in the middle of winter. Last year when they arrived they brought a load of Waxwings with them. We are hoping to see some of them again this year as well. 
There are spring plants starting to pop up everywhere, including bluebells, primroses and ferns.
On the way home the bike decided to play up. All of the electrics kept going dead and I had no tools on me. We ended up in a layby contemplating a phone call to the RAC. Luckily I managed to get it started and we nursed it home. I had already come to the conclusion that it was a bad battery connection and so I cleaned all the terminals and I think it is ok now. Tomorrows ride to work will tell for sure.

These guys do a great job at Pulborough of keeping all the grasses down so that the brooks don't get chock full. 

This is Lords & Ladies (Arum maculatum) sprouting through the leaves.

The top field. From this picture you can't tell that it was ****ing freezing!

Then back to the barn for a warm up.