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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Friday 25th November 2005

I had to go sampling again along the Medway river. Gill came with me and we set off from home at 5.45am so that we would have as many hours as possible before sundown. We had 12 sites to visit, the last being just before Shearness at a place called Queenborough.
We'd got the first 3 sites done before sun up and we got to the last one just in time for a beautiful sunset. The weather was absolutely freezing and it snowed while we were spending some time bird watching at a place called Horrid Hill.

Aylesford bridge, just as it's starting to get light.


Ham Hill sewage treatment works. I take Gill to some of the best places, the lucky girl!

Horrid Hill. A haven for birds. But not a hill! Anything in Kent that stays above water when the tide comes in is called a hill.

Horrid Hill again. It looks like a wasteland, but it's alive with the things that birds of all sorts like to eat.

The last of 12 sites. Just in time too.

19th November 2005.
 Holmwood to Gomshall in Surrey, via Leith Hill. Gorgeous sunny weather but extremely chilly. We followed the Greensand Way which runs for over 100 miles across Kent and Surrey (We only did about 8 miles though). Most of the photos I took that day were of
fungus, so check out that page too.

A very autumnal walk

Leith Tower

You gotta make time for tea!