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Green Man
Saturday 25th August 2012
Amberley - Arundel - Burpham - The Burgh - Amberley
10 miles

Apologies for the lack of updates lately - work and Scouting commitments have both played their part in diverting our attention from our regular walks. Normal service should resume shortly.

We were told that there would be tempestuous storms with gales and lightening etc, so at the crack of noon we packed some waterproofs, jumped on the train and stumbled off towards Arundel on the Monarch's Way from Amberley. Very hot and steamy we grant you, but stormy? No. We did have some rain at one point but the sight of a large rainbow virtually right on top of us had us running around without our coats on taking photos and we got soaked without a care.
We had planned on walking after dark and the sun went down as we were still south of the Burgh but that didn't stop us spotting a Barn Owl, the first we've seen for ages, and a hedgehog which are getting dangerously rare in these parts. We also spotted a Glow worm in High Tittens, the lane coming back into Amberley from Amberley Mount.

A brand new sign near Amberley. Not very exciting I grant you, but it's a new object on our patch.
It does however point out the obvious but little adhered to fact that bikes cannot go on footpaths.

The great-big pointy thingammyjig on top of Chichester Cathedral is back in place looking all new and scrubbed up. Phew!

This full monty of a rainbow near Burpham appeared right on cue in front of us (we managed to predict it's arrival)

It came down in a field to our right and although we dug for hours and hours with a JCB we found nothing but two tin cans and a leather boot!
Ripped off or what !?

The Burgh area is always gorgeous and right now, like everywhere else, it's being harvested.
Look out for the tractors and trucks on the Sussex B roads, they are busy doing a very important job but they drive like madmen!

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.