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Green Man
Saturday 25th February 2006

We have volunteered ourselves to carry out a small part of a breeding bird survey for the British Trust for Ornithology this spring. They have given us a 1 square kilometre patch in Staplefield to survey and so today we went there to try to get permission from the land owners to invade their property in the name of science. Our first stop was the pub on the village green to get some local info and to have some lunch. The landlord told us that part of the land is owned by Maurice Saatchi the (in)famous advertising man and one time joint chairman of the conservative party. He is also the Baron of Staplefield. 
We turned up at the gates of his manor house but were given a bit of a cold shoulder by his staff via an intercom. It looks like we may have to make other arrangements and try to circumvent his land. 
Anyway, we got to have a look around the area and it is very rural, very pretty, and chock full of birds. It should be a very enjoyable duty to carry out the survey in the spring months.

First stop...The pub. Of course!

I'm not wearing a strange hat, the peak of my cap is seen head on. Good food at the Jolly Tanners and London Pride ale too!

A small part of our patch.

The snowdrops are out, the daffs are on their way.

The people round here have the welfare of birds on their minds too.