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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 24th October 2010
Lewes - Southease - Beddingham Hill - Glynde - Mount Caburn - Lewes
10 miles

This is another favourite walk of ours that's very easy to navigate. Walk past Lewes dump (the views do get get better) and turn right just before the river. Then you can walk down the river bank to Southease bridge (the old bridge is back in place again after its recent removal for maintenance) and you've got wildlife and great views all around you. Then you just take the SDW east as far as the next footpath north, follow that into Glynde and take the footpath opposite the post office up Mount Caburn. Follow the path north-west and you're back in Lewes.
Down the river at Rodmell while 'sittin having tiffin', a Mink ran across the path ahead and into a waterside shrub. This was in exactly the same place as the one we 'nearly' spotted two years ago.
Spectacular clouds were on all sides as we climbed up to Beddingham Hill and the previously benign cumulus clouds were forming turrets and growing into castles. Several were having delusions of grandeur and were making childish attempts to puff themselves up into storm bearing Cumulus Nimbus.
Just for some added exercise we steamed non-stop up the steep slope of Mount Caburn and flopped down into our favourite spot before we noticed we'd been followed by a particularly petulant rain cloud. It must have been dispersing the thinnest veil of rain possible as the resulting rainbow seemed to be completely 'free-standing' and shone in the clearest of blue skies. As we'd already gained some height, the rainbow was significantly larger than a semi-circle and seemed to indicate that a pot of gold was to be found in the old quarry.

There's gold in that there quarry.