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Thursday 24th April 2008
Pulborough - The Burgh - Amberley - Pulborough
16 miles

I'd been in front of the computer all week writing my thesis getting fat and lethargic, so today I decided to get some exercise. We've done this walk several times before but this time I took in The Burgh as well, making this quite a long, tiring walk. Just what I needed!
At Pulborough Brooks the nightingales were all in fine song and it was very hard to pull myself away from there, but there was a lot of ground to cover so I had to keep moving.
In the car park a car had been broken into by thieves. The lady had lost her handbag and was really upset.
I saw over fifty species of bird today, including: blackcap, whitethroat, swallow, house martin, sedge warbler, kestrel, buzzard and sparrowhawk, also a brown hare and several large herds of deer.
A typical April day, warm with lots of showers and bright sunshine in between, my waterproofs were on and off all day. The only rainbow of the day appeared as I was re-entering Pulborough and it was a beauty!

My traditional shot of Pulborough north brooks from the Hanger

This is a new installation at PB. Created by a local artist from local wood. I think it's great.

I had to wait while this bloke crossed the road - come on, hurry up!

Parham House

The steep footpath up Kithurst Hill from

Pulborough Church gets given a sign