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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 23rd July 2006
Buggy racing

I went to the race track at Cowdray Forest to watch my friend Terry race his remote control car. There were loads of competitors there and hundreds of cars. It was really exciting stuff and the cars throw themselves all over the place. I saw them smashing into trees and each other, flying through the air and even wheelying down the track. They get up to a really high speed and throw themselves round the mud course.

Here's Terry with one of his 4 cars.

3.5cc of engine running on nitromethanol

The course is like a motocross course. Half of the time the cars are in the air.

Terry had some technical problems with his car today, but that didn't stop him hollering round the track. Even if he didn't always have control of the steering.