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Sussex Scrapbook - Nature walks throughout the year

Saturday 22nd November 2008
Bishopstone - Tidemills - Seaford Head - The White Horse - Bishopstone
13 miles

A cold but sunny ride down to Bishopstone this morning and before we'd even arrived we'd seen a peregrine land on a lamp post near Newhaven station. We parked up at St Andrew's church, which is apparently the oldest in Sussex with parts of it built in the 6th century and with many 17th century graves. Then it was down to the coast through the mysterious ruined village of Tidemills and then along the Seaford seafront past the Martello Tower (tea & toilets here) to Splash Point.
Then we warmed up by climbing to the top of Seaford Head and taking in the famous view of the Seven Sisters. The walk from here north along the River Cuckmere to the second bridge is excellent, with great views, peace and quiet, lots of birds (including today a solitary swallow) and the White Horse of Litlington to look out for too.
We aimed to be on top of the Downs by sundown, and after climbing 'High and Over' we just made it in time, which left us an exciting night hike through the hills back to the bike. By this time the temperature was dropping considerably with the Met Office even forecasting snow for tomorrow. After riding 40 freezing miles home, we could well believe it too!

St Andrew's church, Bishopstone.
They have just spent half a million on restoration work and it looks great inside.

The remnants of the village of Tidemills, where there used to be corn mills powered by the tide.
Do you see what they did there?

Newhaven Harbour

Splash Point, just by the Martello Tower at Seaford

The Seven Sisters as seen from near Hope Gap

A Kestrel by the side of the river

A picnic spot along the River Cuckmere. Nearby we saw a lone swallow feeding along the river.

Newhaven in the distance from up on the dark Downs