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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
22nd October 2016
North Snowdonia
Llyn Ogwen - Tryfan (917) - Glyder Fch (994) - Glyder Fawr (999) - Twll Du (Devil's Kitchen) - Ogwen Cottage
5 miles as the crow flies, feels like 25 miles!

With a beautiful, clear, autumn day forecast for Snowdonia my mind was already made up: I wanted to do Tryfan. I had looked at it from the col between it and Glyder Fch twice and had been captivated by its huge southern vertical spire. Twice I have had to walk past it on the way to the Glyders. All I had to manage today was somehow to convince the other 11 Scouters staying at the bunkhouse that tackling the length of the backbone of the sleeping dragon from tail to snout was the best way to spend the day. There was talk of Cadair Idris or Pen yr Ole Wen or spending the whole day climbing. In the end most of them decided to go rock climbing on the cliffs near to the base of Tryfan while Adam, Matt and I decided on doing Tryfan, a grade 1 scramble which can be made much harder depending on how you go about it, followed by the climb straight up to the top of Glyder Fach. I reckoned my legs would be getting a bit heavy by then but I conceded that it would make a fantastic hike. When asked how long it would all take I quickly gave an estimate of 6 hours; it seemed about right  - and that's how long we were given when we were dropped off at Llyn Ogwen by the minibus!
I am not going to give you a full-blown description of the day but it was all I had hoped it would be. Perfect conditions (it was the first time I had been on the Glyders without thick fog) and the climb up and over Tryfan was full-on scrambling/rock climbing, just what I had come for. By the time I got to the summit of Glyder Fach my legs were like lead but they kept moving somehow and recovered quickly. Not so bad for an old guy!
The Devil's Kitchen is a beautiful, green, watery place and where last time we unfortunately watched a sheep fall from a cliff. A very dramatic scene given the incredible surroundings.
Ice creams back at Ogwen Cottage after 5.5 hours, leaving us with a half hour wait for our lift back to the bunkhouse. Job done.

Our bunkhouse and the machine that got me there.

The mild-looking northern edge of Tryfan seen from Ogwen Cottage.

Lovely colours and clear views.

Up and up ...

Up several gullies

Scaling all manner of rock formations


Too soon we are coming down the dragons nose.

With gob-smacking views

Looking at that great southern spire from a third of our way up our next climb.

Into the mist on Glyder Fch.

Obligatory snap on the Cantilever.

The start of the Devil's Kitchen and a great view of Pen yr Ole Wen in the distance.
That one is my next Welsh challenge!

What a place eh?

The sun setting as we reach Llyn Idwal. Perfect.

Tryfan (centre) from our finish point.

I wonder which of the two teams did the most climbing!

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.