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Sussex Scrapbook
Green Man
Friday 20th August 2021
St. Margaret's at Cliffe - Visitors centre and return.
8 miles with toilets and ice cream at each end.

It looked cloudy and overcast with the threat of rain when we set off for a 90 minute blast down the motorway on the bike. We needed to have some faith in the weatherman and it was well placed: the sun came out just before we arrived at St. Margaret's at Cliffe and the weather the whole day remained perfect for a strenuous walk (and a very tame scramble or two) along the famous white cliffs.
It's always so very surprising to us that this well-trodden area, right next to a very busy port, is so beautiful and relatively unspoilt. Today everywhere was covered in so many different downland plants and it looked incredible. There were seabirds, sailing boats, the smell of the sea, ice cream, and despite the number of people there was peace and quiet, no cyclists, no badly behaved dogs and no screaming kids. A perfect stroll along the famous cliffs, even if we didn't see any bluebirds.

We started from St. Margaret's bay with the weather improving by the hour.

Langdon Hole - an excursion for the slightly braver walker.

The little scramble with accompanying frozen day visitor halfway up.

Gill flashes past the terrified woman with a few encouraging words and scrambles out of Langdon Hole.

Harebells and Oregano amongst so many other species.

Dover castle in the near distance.

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.