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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Thursday 20th July 2006
Burnham-on-crouch, Essex

Today I had to go to a meeting at the
CEFAS laboratory in Burnham-on-crouch, Essex. So I was forced to ride there on my bike in the hot sun. DOH! I had to give a small presentation and then we had a day of planning some experiments. It all went really well and we even enjoyed ourselves. It wasn't boring at all!
The town of Burnham is on the estuary of the river Crouch about 6 miles from the sea. The road leading into the town is very twisty and is very popular with motorcyclists. Strangely enough the road is apparently roman, which goes against everything I had ever been taught about roman roads.
While I was waiting for some of the other scientists to come out of their hotel I was able to watch and photograph house martins feeding their chicks.

The estuary is a very popular sailing venue.

This is part of a very pleasant walk along the river bank.

The White Hart Hotel. You can see the house martin nests in the eaves.

The adult feeding a chick.