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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Tuesday 20th June 2006
Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

I had a major crisis of confidence today about my research. I was getting a bit distressed about it all and I woke in a cold sweat, so I figured the best thing to do was go and chill out at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Walking around in beautiful surroundings looking at wildlife is very good for grounding your emotions. Great therapy!
Anyway, the weather was good and there were birds of all types everywhere, which is the norm for Rye. Highlight of the day though was the 8 avocets I saw near the ternary pool. These were a first for me and they breed in only a couple of places in Sussex. The avocet is the logo of the RSPB, but it is a bird that many members have yet to see. My digiscoping is getting slightly better, so I have included a few of my modest attempts. 

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Red valerian

Black headed gull


Mediterranean gulls.

Avocet. Gill desperately wants to see them too, so we will have to return soon.

Avocet below, black headed gull above.