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Saturday 20th January 2007
Bignor - Glatting Beacon - Sutton - Bignor
6 miles

The area around Bignor is amazingly picturesque and home to some of the most beautiful villages in Sussex. The Romans liked the place so much, they had a huge villa built there. On the way there we stopped to have a look at St. Botolph's church at Coldwaltham. The walls of this old church are covered in the remains of medieval paintings.
We parked the bike at Bignor and walked the steep track up to the top of Bignor Hill. We turned east along the South Downs way, past Glatting Beacon and down off the hills to the village of Sutton and then back to Bignor.
We had gorgeous sunshine for the whole day, but we were very close to a cloud burst above the Downs that sent water running down towards Sutton. It caused a stream to burst its bank and take our footpath instead!

St. Botolphs, Coldwaltham.

The church door of St. Botolph's.

This is supposed to be Adam & Eve.

A really good drovers track coming down off the Downs near Glatting Beacon.

Some big trees have come down in the area in the past few days.