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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man

Sunday 2nd march 2008
Horsham to Warnham with mum

As today was Mothers Day we dragged my mum to Horsham and then made the poor woman walk all the way round Warnham Nature Reserve, and then on to Warnham village. The train to Horsham from Crawley was late, there was no train to Warnham at all, and there was no table at the Sussex Oak at Warnham for hungry hikers. Not exactly a success! At least it didn't rain.
We did see quite a few birds at the nature reserve though, including 3 great spotted woodpeckers and a male sparrowhawk that hacked through the feeding station trying to grab small birds on the way.
The water level in Warnham Mill Pond is very low right now and this is because the Environment Agency is going to be doing some maintenance on the sluice gates soon.

A plantation of oaks that we passed through on the way to Warnham

St Margaret's Church, Warnham