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Sunday 19th October 2008
Ashdown Forest
Gills lap - Poundgate - Heron's Ghyll - Gills lap
8.5 miles

Just a short stroll around the forest today in cloudy and warm conditions. We used the Vanguard Way southwards from Gills Lap and the Weald Way northwards from Heron's Ghyll. The heath land is looking very colourful with brown and green grasses and purple heather. The woods are even more colourful with a carpet of multi-hued leaves and sprinklings of conkers, sweet chestnuts and fungi. 

The heathland at Gill's lap

Magic mushrooms (Psilocybe semilanceata) turned up on several sites throughout the forest

Lots of puffballs too

Dung roundhead (Stropharia semiglobata)

 Near the end of the walk at Old Lodge we laid down and nearly dropped off to sleep.