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Monday 21st May 2007
We're back from our unplanned absence from the internet. Sorry for going AWOL but Vista caused a few connection problems. All seems sorted now though.

Sunday 20th May 2007
Today was my birthday and I got the best gift imaginable. No it wasn't a Hawkwind CD....Instead, Gill eventually decided to marry me, after being asked 18 months ago. We hope to jump the broom some time this summer.
To celebrate we went to Pulborough Brooks and listened to the nightingales, who seemed very happy for us. No photos though, just memories that we will keep forever.

Saturday 19th May 2007
Horam - East Hoathly - Chiddingly

Today's walk was a 10 mile circular starting at Horam and heading East towards East Hoathly. The footpath signs at the beginning of the walk were missing, which made things a bit difficult.
Half way along we bumped into Chiddingly May Fair, maypole and all!

Ferrets at Chiddingly May fair.