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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 19th April 2009
Pett - Fairlight - East Hill - North's Seat - Friar's Hill - Pett
9 miles

Our walk started at Pett church and immediately headed south through beautiful rolling farmland to the holiday village of Fairlight. After wending our way past; bungalows, log cabins and caravans, the path took the Saxon Shore Way along the cliffs and dramatic coastline all the way to East Hill, which overlooks Hastings. The route then doubled back northeast to Pett using the 1066 Country Walk - Hastings Link. The walk is quite strenuous and well signposted and every bit of it is in countryside that's being maintained with wildlife in mind. A large part of the walk is inside the Hastings Countryside Park and we can thoroughly recommend it.


A mouse carved into the first gate of the day.

We like this sign as it leaves nothing to the imagination

This smelt as good as it looks

So did this!

The coastguard station

Small Tortoiseshell

Gill descends into one of the glens

Fairlight Glen

There's the coastguard again, near the top