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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 19th February 2006
Pulborough Brooks

Even though the weather was a bit on the damp side, we decided to go down to Pulborough Brooks again to see if we could find the Hawfinch that has been there for the past couple of weeks. I had been there 2 days ago but had no luck finding it. I did however see a stoat chasing a rabbit back and forth in front of a view point called The Hanger, which was very exciting. 
Today we had no luck whatsoever with the hawfinch hunt although we did overhear quite a few people talking about their views of it. (*>!"%)
We also had no luck with the weather, as it absolutely chucked it down. We had to stay in Nettley's hide until it calmed down a bit. The good news is that the brooks are now full of water and able to support all of the wading birds that rely on them. Until recently there was hardly any water at all.

The view from The Hanger over the north brooks.

The view from Nettley's has changed completely since the recent deluges.