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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 18th November 2006
Old Lodge

The days are so short now, and we are having trouble getting moving in the mornings, which meant that today we had to get somewhere quickly. We made the choice to go to Old Lodge Nature Reserve in Ashdown Forest. It was a beautiful day, with a great autumnal display. Out of the things spotted that day, one of the highlights was a Wood Cauliflower (a large fungus). Unfortunately it had gone over a bit and looked a bit messy.

Orange peel fungus (Aleuria aurantia). This is an edible fungus, but is usually found on a plate purely for decoration.

Here is just a section of the wood cauliflower (Sparassis crispa). They are rare, edible, can grow very large, and can weigh up to 14 kg.