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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 19th August 2017
Bepton - Midhurst Common - The Severals - Steadham Common - Iping Common - Ingham's Green - Didling - Bepton.
8.75 miles

The BMW and I were involved in a small spill and I still have a large unpleasant swelling on my thigh. To make sure that this poor old frame of mine is still up to some forthcoming mountaineering it was decided to test it out on a gentle stroll north from beautiful Bepton taking in the three commons of Midhurst, Steadham and Iping and returning via the hamlet of Didling.
The weather was warm and sunny with a cooling breeze, there were birds everywhere, fungi was out in profusion and the Roe deer were bouncing about all over the place. The purple heather was in full bloom, particularly on Iping Common and made a perfect backdrop for russet coloured Linnets, lollypop shaped Long-tailed Tits, melancholy Bullfinches and hundreds of Swallows, the latter hunting insects low over the heath. In all it was a day made in heaven for two (very simple) people appreciative of the very simple things in life. Very few Homo sapiens and Canis familiaris in evidence today apart from an obviously attention-starved dog in Ingrams Green which we have come across before. It barks loudly, non-stop all day and disturbs (drives mad) about 5 square miles of an otherwise totally quiet area of farmland. That must be wonderful for the other inhabitants who have paid millions for their secluded West Sussex retreats. Luckily we carry ear plugs for just such an occasion!
A perfect day out and on the ride home in the dark we were still looking out for wildlife. We managed to brake safely for a Fox and a Barn Owl crossed the road in front of us just after Petworth.

A young Carrion Crow's wing. We could tell as just a few of the feathers were still in pin.
Leftovers from a bird of prey's dinner no doubt. Possibly a Sparrowhawk.

Small eruptions were going on all over the forest floor.

Our commons and other wild places  are a refuge for so many species of animal and plant.
Please read the information signs at the car parks on how to look after them.

There will be more views like this after the work is done.

Woolmer Bridge

Sunset at Didling


Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.