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Wednesday 18th June 2008
Amberley - The Burgh - North Stoke - Amberley
7.5 miles

This was just a short walk to get a little exercise and to check out part of the walk we are doing this Sunday. The weather forecast was bad and when I left Crawley the sky was black and doom-laden. As usual, things got better as I left the town and up on the Downs it was windy and bright.
At The Burgh I saw a peregrine swooping through a dry valley with the wind behind it. I couldn't keep up with it through the binoculars as it seemed to be doing at least the speed of sound! (Slight exaggeration).
On Springhead Estate the downland turf had exploded into tall grasses and thistles and looked like it needed a serious grazing from the sheep.

Springhead Estate

Poppies and cornflowers in amongst the wheat

Birds foot trefoil

A river of poppies at The Burgh

Linnet, innit!