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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Tuesday 18th April 2006
Coldwaltham Brooks

Today was my last day of Easter holiday so I thought I would go somewhere I had never been before. I chose Coldwaltham Brooks which is actually quite near to Pulborough Brooks. I picked this place because a Golden Oriole had been seen there yesterday. This is a very rare bird in Britain, they live on the continent but they hardly ever bother to cross the Channel. I didn't really expect it to still be there, but IT WAS!! I had fantastic views of it and I tried to take some photos. In the binoculars I had perfect views of this exotic yellow bird shining in the sun, but there was a lot of heat haze and the bird was not exactly close so my pictures are pretty crappy (as usual) but I shall put them on this page just to prove I did really see it. 

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