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Sussex Scrapbook
Green Man
Saturday 17th August 2013
Eastbourne - Beachy Head - Exceat.

Our aim today was to do the full circuit of the headland taking in Litlington and Jevington too (18 miles) but it turned out that we'd unknowingly picked the day of Eastbourne Air Show (known as Airbourne) for a visit. The amazing aerial action and the very strong winds slowed our normal slow plod down so significantly that we decided early on to make do with just the normal stroll across to Exceat.
The lack of substantial mileage took nothing away from the satisfaction gained from this walk, it always delivers, even when the weather is gloomy, windy and threatening like today but for extra excitement we had Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lancaster bombers, Mustangs, the Red Arrows and gawd knows what else belting around the place. One of the highlights was having a Spitfire, a Peregrine Falcon and the white cliffs all in view at the same time. Enough to bring a tear to an Englishman's or Englishwoman's eye.
The bus journey back to Eastbourne from Exceat is one of the best in the county and well worth the 2.30, even if you don't want to go that way!

What also brought tears to our eyes was the huge queues of people at the train station on the way home but quite incredibly we ended up with two seats on the first train and got whisked home without any problem. We couldn't quite believe it!

A resting racing pigeon we found near Cow Gap.
Hopefully it's made it past the peregrines and has reached home by now.
If you find a racing pigeon then check out The Royal Pigeon Racing Association.

The climb up the easterly side of Beachy Head looming in the distance.

Gill takes a rest halfway up - sorry, I meant she stops to take a photo!

Once you get to the top the famous westerly view across to Seaford opens up.
Who in their right mind could stop themselves from walking the whole way?

The land is strewn with meadow flowers and chalk downland specialists like the Clustered Bellflower (Campanula glomerata).

A recently vacated pupa of some sort! I can't remember off hand which one right now. It's Sunday, give me a break!

Belle Toute lighthouse from near Shooters Bottom.
A beautiful place for a stop and a snack but please; no rubbish, no fires and no damage. Careful with cigarettes too.

Rock pooling is possible at low tide from Birling Gap.

A Bloody-nosed Beetle doing some mountaineering. Bloomin' good at it he is too!

Think this is a Buzzard being mobbed by a Kestrel.


You get two types of people on the Seven Sisters.
There are the people who are being taken across by someone who has led them (and themselves) to believe that they are out for a small, easy stroll. These people are generally having a bloody awful time and are usually not too happy with the person whose idea it was.
Then there are the people who know full well that they are going for a serious walk and are prepared for it. They are always having a fantastic time.
Try to be one of the latter!

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.